0.8% of the 3 Million Albanian population are born again Christian. This i a great deal because only 30 years ago there were no Christian in Albania. The need in Vlora with 250.000 people there are only four evangelical churches with in total 150 believers, 80 of them part of our church ministry during the week, half of them are young people and first-generation Christians.

What we do!

What we do! Our focus is not just Sunday service, but also on weekly programs that reach the un-churched. In addition to summer camps, Glo teams, and project our mid-week program include:

  • Sunday School
  • Pre-Teen ministry
  • Sport Clubs EDGE
  • Teen Ministry-Livingstone
  • University Ministry
  • Prison ministry and families
  • Reaching out to Teachers
  • Prayer Meeting
  • Bible study book by book

Disciple making & Vision

Making disciple that make disciple for us has become the norm for the church, we have seen more than 28 person following Jesus in the last four years. In the last Summer camp we had 17 teen accepted Jesus as they saviour