A Little History

Stage I: Preparing for the start of the work. God in many ways and using some believers in particular like Danillo VALLA, Salvatore CORCELLI, Librado SALGADO, etc, was inciting believers individually and gradually the whole church of Manfredonia in the late 80s towards Albania, and in particular towards the city of Vlora.

But initially in Vlora from December 1991 to the summer of 1992 he visited once a week and held evangelistic meetings a missionary team from Tirana organized by brothers S. KORCELLI and L. SALGADO.

Stage II: Beginning and progress of the work 1992 – 2001. In the summer of 1992, after several intensive meetings of the leaders of the four churches of Manfredonia, the first couples came to Vlora: Michele & Graziella CIOCOLA and Domenico & Eva CIOCICOLA, who organized meetings of children, street visits and literature distribution. In the fall of this year, weekly meetings with families around the mission home began. Meanwhile, other couples or brothers and sisters came alternating with each other for short periods of time: Andrea & Giusepina CIOCIOLA, Mateo & Pasquina LAURIOLA, Micelle PAPAGNA, Rafaele & Enza and Rachelle PASCALE, Michelle BORGOMASTRO, P etc. God used in many of them their simplicity and humility to go to every street of the city to spread the gospel, without being genuine missionaries.

On April 25, 1993, the first baptisms took place in the City Theater and thus the Vlora VU took shape. Meanwhile, Domenico & Eva COIOCOLA, together with their two children Rebeca and Andrea settled in Vlora and God used them until 2001, when the church knew its elders (Selamet ZENELI and Gentian JONUZAJ) and the deacons (Ylli VEIZAJ and Ilir ÇOBAN).

Stage III: The Church moves forward 2001-2006. The recognition of the elders and deacons marked the end of the missionary period and the beginning of the self-government (autonomy) of the church. The church moved forward and grew, but there was a need for greater maturity and experience, especially from elders and deacons. This obviously also identified inevitable shortcomings or mistakes. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers in the church were growing in stature and faith, taking on responsibilities and ministry. The first marriages that have taken place until today are full 18. The GLO teams have been a big help to the church during this times with evangelism and keeping the light for sharing the gospel on!

Stage IV: Moment of reflection and Maturity 2006-2013 In 2006 the church was left without an elder and in these conditions a group of brothers, in communion and harmony with the church formed a Service Group that led the church until November 2011, as per the needs of the church , as well as in the process of recognizing the young elders. The church was led by three brothers who were on probation as candidates for elders.

Stage V: A New Vision (2014- Continued)

In the year 2014, a significant transformation took place within the church as a result of extensive prayer, contemplation, and the collective wisdom of its elders. This transformative process culminated in the development of a new vision that reflected a profound commitment to spiritual growth, evangelism, and community impact.

The vision statement crafted by the elders encapsulated the essence of their newfound direction: “We see our lives in the service of God being transformed; we believe in the Power of the Everlasting Gospel. We want to see the lives of the Vlora people changed by the Word of God, evangelizing, discipling, establishing mission-focused Christians, training servant young leaders by giving them responsibilities, and providing the material basis so that the Kingdom of God can advance.”

This vision reflected a deep understanding of the power of the Gospel to bring about personal and communal transformation. The acknowledgment of personal transformation underscored the elders’ commitment to a journey of spiritual growth and renewal within the church community. The emphasis on evangelism and discipleship conveyed a passion for spreading the message of faith and nurturing a deeper understanding of God’s Word among the congregants.

The desire to see the lives of the Vlora people changed by the Word of God reflected a commitment to engaging with and positively impacting the broader community. The vision extended beyond the church walls, emphasizing a mission to influence and uplift the lives of those in the surrounding area.

The commitment to establishing mission-focused Christians highlighted a desire to cultivate a community of believers actively engaged in outreach and service. This missional focus suggested a dedication to addressing the tangible needs of the community while sharing the transformative message of the Gospel.

Furthermore, the vision recognized the importance of investing in the next generation. The elders expressed their commitment to training and empowering young leaders by entrusting them with responsibilities. This forward-looking approach aimed at ensuring the continuity and sustainability of the church’s mission.

The commitment to providing a material basis for the advancement of the Kingdom of God demonstrated a practical understanding of the resources required to fulfill the vision. This could involve financial support, infrastructure development, and other tangible means to enable the church’s mission to thrive.

Evangelical Church of Vlora

If you are reading this message it means that you are looking for a Church, or looking for answers to important questions in life, You may have been present at one of our Church meetings. Let us make a presentation on who is the Evangelical Church of Vlora.

  • The Evangelical Church of Vlora is a Christian evangelical church with a tradition from the Brotherhood Movement.
  • We believe in the Savior Jesus and the Bible as the word of God.
  • We worship God as the creator and ruler of the universe.
  • We believe that Forgiveness, salvation, change, renewal, redemption, and acceptance in a relationship with God come through faith in Christ Jesus, through the love of God.

Our Vision

“We see our lives in the service of God being transformed, we believe in the Power of the Everlasting Gospel, we want to see the lives of the Vlora people changed by the Word of God, evangelising, discipling, established mission-focused Christians, train servant young leaders by giving them responsibilities and providing the material basis so that the Kingdom of God can advance ”

Our Mision

We want to show the love of Christ to all Vlora people, and to reach every house in Vlora with the Gospel.
To know Christ and make it possible for others to know Him!

Caring as a Family

Serving our community

Expressing Love in Practice